Implementation Science & Aging Research

I am the founder of the Implementation Science & Aging Research (ISAR) Special Interest Group.

Volunteer-led and not affiliated with any organization, the initial goal of ISAR is to bring together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners interested in using dissemination and implementation science to improve the health and lives of older adults and their caregivers.

This includes those on the front-lines of implementing programs, practices, and policies related to older adults in a variety of settings as well as implementation scientists interested in advancing the science of translation within the broader aging field.

Short-term goals are to build awareness of ISAR, create a listserv to share content, and have an annual meeting at the D&I conference hosted by AcademyHealth and NIH in December each year, all with the purpose of helping build collaborations and connections among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners interested in implementation science and aging.

Long-term goals are to advance the integration of the two fields through activities such as workgroups, special issues of journals, and ISAR meetings at other conferences such as the Gerontologicial Society of America, American Geriatrics Society, and others.